Microcurrent Facial Device



Clinically tested, anti-aging devices and skin care that makes you look and feel more beautiful.

Add to your beauty routine to help prevent and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and to lift and tone skin at home.

The handheld facial toning device is designed to improve facial contour, skin tone, and reduce the look of wrinkles.
The Trinity Facial Toning device gently stimulates the larger surface areas of your face and neck with gentle micro-current to improve facial and neck tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Get the results of professional skin care equipment and professional skin care treatments with the ease and convenience of professional beauty.

As we age, our body’s natural current begins to slow (like our metabolism) leading to sagging skin and loss of contour.

Micro-current is a low-level soothing current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide instant and cumulative results.

Micro Current Facial Device is tool for wrinkle reduction .

Device made with the highest quality standards and designed to improve your skin.

For optimal battery life, it’s best to keep your device charged, but when traveling, a fully-charged device should last 2-3 weeks based on daily usage of 10-20 minutes.


Usage Steps:

1.Follow all of steps indicated in the “before using you device”section.

2.Cleanse your face with an oil-free cleanser.Men should shave before treatment,as facial hair can interfere with the conductivity of the spheres.
3.Apply Gel Primer in a mask-like layer to one treatment area at a time
4.Turn the device on by pressing the on/off button.An ascending audible beep is emitted notifying you that your device is on.
5.Adjust the intensity level to your comfort by progressively pressing the on/off button to increase or decrease the micro-current output.

As you toggle between the 5 intensity levels, an audible beep is emitted and the number of illuminated blue lights will change.
6.Place the device in direct contact over the area to be treated. See “treatment areas” below. Always keep both spheres on your face at the same time.

The device emits a dual-tone beep every five(5) seconds to indicate when to move to next treatment area. NOTE:The micro-current beauty device will not contract the muscles.

The current is soft, very soothing, and mild when used correctly.
7.Do not allow the primer to dry during treatment.Reactivate the primer by applying more primer to the treatment area(s) or by misting the optimizing mist.
8.After treatment is complete,remove the primer with a damp cloth.
9.The device will automatically turn off after approximately 5 minutes of use.If your treatment is less than 5 minutes,turn off the device by pressing and holding the on/off button.

A descending audible beep is emitted notifying you that your device is turning off.


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