Rose Quartz Petal Roller Guasha Set


🌺Unique Rose Quartz Facial Roller Massage: Real Flower Infused Handle: Our face massage roller is handmade with hand placed flowers, making it as unique and beautiful as you. BEAUTIFUL, STRONG & SILENT Treat yourself – Get one now.

🌺 Achieve Youthful Looking SkinGently using your stone skin roller for face, will help you uncover your natural radiance by reducing face puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Use your facial massage roller to tighten, tone and eliminate toxins from the face through lymphatic drainage for more beautiful skin. The best beauty roller for a relaxing massage.

🌺 Reverse Signs Of Tiredness And Aging: Dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines caused by late nights, busy lifestyles and everyday stresses can make you look tired and older. Using your jade facial roller for 5-10 minutes a day will help reduce their appearance for a brighter healthier complexion.


🌺 Effortless Relaxation And Stress Relief: Refrigerate your Jade roller for face and get an ice roller effect that can help to relieve the build-up of tension caused by the stresses of the day. Rose Quartz is also believed to attract love and positive energy and brings with it a deeper feeling of peace and love.

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