Stainless Steel Extractor


Perfectly suitable for removing acne, whiteheads, blackhead, pimple and pustule

Small and portable, compact size, easy to use

Made from stainless steel with super toughness, durable and hard-wearing

Antibacterial and anti-allergenic, safe to use

Easily sterilize and clean by alcohol before / after use

easy to carry

Ideal for removing unwanted flaw, such as acne and blackhead

It can nip the acne and blackhead conveniently

Can also be used to poke and squeeze out white fluids of acne

Great accessory to help you look more beautiful

100% brand new and high quality

Designed for comfort and precision, nice and durable

Made of stainless steel, provides the safest way to skincare


Material: stainless steel

Quantity: 1pcs

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